Two Natural Ladies Show72 – just like a bag of licorice all sorts…

Two Natural Ladies discussions are upbeat and fun – topics are many and varied – just like a “licorice all sorts” – and include –


Celebrating our ancestors: the things we wish we could ask those that have now gone.

Two Natural Ladies share stories from their past. Vicki discusses Uncle Johns Organ and her husband Shane who showed interest in learning keyboards. In retrospect Vicki could have connected Shane and Uncle John with their common interest. And Vicki’s beloved garden! As a child her mum and grandma would walk in the garden and discuss the flowers. At the time it seemed so boring, but now Vicki would love to be able to ask questions about the plants in her garden – what’s edible. Jo’s husband Frank, loves to wander in the gardens of friends and family and find edible plants. Two Natural Ladies mention their enthusiasm for edible garden and edible nature strips and leaving plants that may seem like weeds but attract the bees.

Jo talks about her special times with her Nana. Stinging the beans in the kitchen and putting cream on her feet before bed are two of Jo’s favourite memories. There was always a sense of calm around her Nana.

And a confession from Jo – the worm farm has been a complete failure and the worms are no moreL. Vicki is traumatised and feels she may need to take the rest of the day off and leave Jo to a solo career.

A great reflective podcast

13:28- 22:29

Onions: a bulb grown worldwide that makes us cry

Two Natural Ladies discuss the common, well-loved onion. It is grown worldwide and closely related to chives, garlic, scallions, shallots, and leeks. They have several health benefits, mostly due to their high content of antioxidants and sulfur-containing compounds.

Medical Medium, one of Vicki’s favourite doctors, discusses the benefits of onions as an antiseptic and healing plant. Many people say they have allergies, which may actually be their bodies healing – they also have anti-inflammatory benefits.

Two Natural Ladies share their Groupie’s comments: Using onions on the feet to cure colds and flu. As a cough remedy and for ear aches.

Commonly used as a flavouring or side dish, onions are a staple food in many cuisines. They can be baked, boiled, grilled, fried, roasted, sautéed, powdered, or eaten raw.

Included in this podcast are ways to stop yourself from crying when cutting them, as well as many ways suggested that are NOT so helpful

As always Jo & Vicki offer insight, facts and some great banter: ENJOY

22:29 – 34:41

Pillar Three: Hydration

High on the list of vital nutrients for the body is water. With around 60% or more of our body being made of water, we need water to flourish.

Two Natural Ladies discuss intermittent fasting and drinking lots of water, which can help with many health problems

Jo & Vicki share some of the benefits of Community and The Blue Zones: is it the wholefood that is eaten in these communities or the feeling of belonging that has people live longer? Deepak Chopra talks about the huge benefits of eating and hanging out with the people we love.

Two Natural Ladies comment on The Natural Health Society of Australia’s newsletter which talks about the lack of hydration in the average Australian. Over 80% of us are dehydrated. Even mild dehydration can reduce the body’s ability to function.

Some signs that you may need to increase your uptake of mineralized water include:

+ Sugar cravings

+ Salt cravings

+ Fatigue

+ Feeling the need to drink a lot of water at one time

Sleep issues; falling asleep, waking in the night or early in the morning

Tension, nervousness, anxiety, or panic

A great hydrating drink: Watermelon slushies with mint.

36:56- 40:49

“In Case you forget to remind yourself this morning … Your butt is perfect. Your smile lights up the room. Your mind is insanely cool. You are way more than enough. And you are doing an amazing job at life.”

Caramelised onions

Walking in the rain

And spring onions popping up everywhere

A snippet of the Two Natural Ladies diverse areas of discussion.

40:50-52:23 ( between 49:38 – 50:33 you will have to cut out the Hair music)

A Covid Book, our obsession with immediacy and Hair

What did people do during covid: Some wrote a book: Two Natural Ladies share Vicki’s daughter, Ash’s book: ‘Columbus the Magic Turtle’. The adventures of a very special turtle and a young boy called Ben. Included in the book is discussion about the amount of plastic and rubbish in the oceans:

#Letsdoit321 Two Natural Ladies hashtag for us all to make a difference to the planet, by picking up THREE pieces of rubbish a day and asking TWO others to do the same J

Charlie McGee, founder of Formidable Vegetables and advocate for the illumination of plastic, has a very unusual email signature:

“Please note: It is normal for me to take at least 2 days to check/read my emails and 2 more days to reflect on the matter and respond calmly. The culture of immediacy and the constant fragmentation of time are no longer compatible with the life I lead.” Jo & Vicki discuss our obsession with immediacy

This podcast will have you think – even for a moment about how quickly we really have to respond to things!

Two Natural Ladies finish with a continuation of their year long discussion of hair – Now what’s going on?

52:25- 1:13:34

Engaging with our young people: Talking with them & giving them a go

Greg is a youth worker of almost 20 years. Two Natural Ladies and Greg talk about the issues facing our young people after a year of Co-vid and isolation. Teenagers crave connection and would usually pushing the boundaries. How often have we heard that our school years were the best years of our life? Not so for many last year.

All the usual rites of passage were taken away from them: prom; graduation; camps; sports events and many of the incidental gatherings that occur through the year.

The very young 4-5 year olds will adapt, it’s the teenagers that would have been travelling, doing their gap years going to pubs etc that have really missed out.

Greg talks with Vicki and Jo about Getting Ready, the not for profit he and his partner Paige set up in 2020. Volunteer Mentors, getting businesses to provide some opportunities and just being there to talk!

This may be a hard one to listen at times but something we all need to be mindful of

1:16:59 – 1:25:30

The young person spark and possibility – Gone? Or just hidden?

Two Natural Ladies chat about Jo’s experience as a Youth Worker. The spark of the young people and the possibilities. It has been hard during 2020 and now it is our opportunity to assist young people to see possibility for themselves.

Give all those who are marginalised: the young; the homeless; ex-prisoner the chance to find away through. Assist with networks and creating relationships.

Vicki & Jo feel grateful that they and their families have each other. They stayed connected throughout 2020 and even became closer playing games and hanging out more than usual.

A quick discussion ensues around young people and sex education. What we did learn at school and what we wanted to learn were very different. Again it was the talk around relationships and connection that young people were more interested in discussing. Are young women being more objectified with the lack of social connection? What can we do to support each other?

A thought provoking podcast


Grandma, carrots, eggs & coffee – a story with a message.

Two Natural Ladies share a story, from who we don’t know, about a grandma talking to her teenage granddaughter. When adversity knocks on your door, which are you? The Carrot? The Egg? Or the Coffee? Listen to this podcast to hear the story and see who you are?

“No point rehearsing for a tragedy” We had no idea what was coming our way in 2020 and if we had known would our planning have helped? Probably not.

And worrying – it doesn’t help or stop what may happen happening.

Our music industry was hit hard and now we have the opportunity to again go and see and hear and be part of live music.

Vicki and Jo finish by talking about how the do ‘give a crap’ Using ‘Who gives a Crap’ toilet paper which is supporting over two billion people getting a loo!

Coffee and toilets with some music thrown in – Enjoy




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