TONIGHT – 8pm (AEDST) Bruce Hutchins presents his new show ‘Vinyl Underground’.

Tonight in the Purple Haze time slot (sorry but host Mark Naumann is currently laid up after a small op) we let Bruce Hutchins loose with the inaugural episode of his new show ‘Vinyl Underground’ (now we just have to find a regular time slot for Bruce). Bruce features Neil Young, Mark Seymour and The Undertow, The Church, Mike Furbar, Tame Impala, The The, The Byrds, The Kinks, and a 40 minute interview and music with Cub Callaway (The Saints). Tune in at 88.3 Southern FM or stream it live from

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3 thoughts on “TONIGHT – 8pm (AEDST) Bruce Hutchins presents his new show ‘Vinyl Underground’.”

  1. Bruce – you have done a great job – really are a natural. You should think of doing this permanently. Cheers.

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