Greg Ratten presents new songs by the legends of the Aussie music scene

Cold Chisel – The Songs/The Interviews

On Thursday afternoon between 4pm – 6pm Wrokdown Radio has a week off but do not despair, we will still be listening to the best music by the legends. In this instance some of the biggest and best legends of Australian music. Barnesy, Mossy, Donny & Phil talk about the great tunes that made Cold Chisel the legends they are

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Geoff Bridgford on Wrokdown

Geoff Bridgford, who has played the drums for a multitude of Aussie acts including the ‘ Groove’ and the BeeGees will be the guest of Anita Monk on Wrokdown Radio Thursday 30th June.  He has a new cd and has come down from Queensland for some promotion.  We will be playing a few new tracks and chatting about his history

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Johnny Chester and Wrokdown

After interviewing Johnny Chester earlier this year for the new series of Wrokdown TV,  producer Anita Monk was invited to his place to film a clip for his new single ‘Vegemite Kisses’.  John will be on Southern fm this afternoon just after 4 to talk about his new cd ‘What you hear is what you get’.

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