Cold Chisel – The Songs/The Interviews

On Thursday afternoon between 4pm – 6pm Wrokdown Radio has a week off but do not despair, we will still be listening to the best music by the legends. In this instance some of the biggest and best legends of Australian music. Barnesy, Mossy, Donny & Phil talk about the great tunes that made Cold Chisel the legends they are today. The songs are from another era but the interviews are new and give a rare insight into how these tracks came about. Brilliant lyrically and instrumentally, the CC catalogue is quintessentially Australian, amazing when you consider the roads less travelled these guys took before fate threw them together to create the uniqueness that is Cold Chisel.

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  • Russ Turner on Facebook

    I saw chisel play a lot in there early days of Adelaide . Arkaba hotel, the Sussex hotel, Pooraka hotel….. Good times !!

  • Man, the Arcaba!!! 1983 it was the place to go over there apart from a dingy little underground bar I saw Dynamic Hepnotics play in 1984 and was one of the best shows I ever saw. Chisels, restricted mainly to Under 18’s events.


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