Playlist for Midnight Mass Wednesday 27th February

The playlist for tonight’s (12am – 2am) Midnight Mass with host Daniel H, is as follows: DEERHUNTER – Earthquake THE CURE – Shake Dog Shake JOY DIVISION – Heart & Soul LIARS – Wixiw EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN – Let’s Do It A DaDa CUT HANDS – Rains Washes Over Chaff AETHENOR – Faking Gold & Murder X TG – Le Petit

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Playlist For Midnight Mass Wednesday 6th February

The playlist for tonight’s MidnightĀ Mass program with Daniel Hall is as follows: MATERIAL – Black Light SKINNY PUPPY – Past Present X TG – Janitor Of Lunacy MY BLOODY VALENTINE – Who Sees You THE FALL – Reckoning KILLING JOKE – Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove COIL – Wrong Eye CHELSEA WOLFE – Demons OS MUTANTES – Dois Mil E Um

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Playlist for Midnight Mass Wednesday 30/01/2013

The playlist for tonight’s (that’s midnight til 2am) Midnight Mass with Daniel H session is as follows: BURZUM – Tuistos Herz OM – Sinai DEAD CAN DANCEĀ – In The Wake Of Adversity GRAILS – Silk Rd MARK STEWART – Secret TIMOTHY LEARY – Goodbye Goodbye BURNING STAR CORE – Let’s Name Her Snowy… BOARDS OF CANADA – Amo Bishop Roden

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