Film review: HIT AND RUN, from Built For Speed

Hit and Run is a middling crime comedy that often plays like Tarantino-lite.  In an in advisable piece of multi-tasking Dax Shepard (from TV’s Parenthood) writes, co-directs and stars in this film.  While there are amusing, exciting and even insightful moments, a different set of eyes may have helped him avoid some of this film’s flat spots and half-baked gags.

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Film review: HOLY MOTORS, from Built For Speed

Holy Motors is one of those films where you will constantly ask “what the hell is going on?”. This French film features a gurning, sinewy Gollum man who initially appears to be a wealthy businessman but who cruises around in a stretch limo putting on weird disguises and engaging in bizarre, sometimes violent acts.  At one point he’s a crippled

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Built For Speed, Playlist, Friday 14th September 2012

BUILT FOR SPEED, PLAYLIST, 14 SEPTEMBER 2012  1.     JIM JONES REVUE – Dishonest John. 2.     REDD KROSS – Stay away from downtown. 3.     VELOCIRAPTOR – Riot. (Aus) 4.     JACK WHITE – I’m shakin’. 5.     GREEN DAY – Basket case. 6.     THE KILLERS – When you were young. 7.     THE CURE – Love cats. 8.     BAND OF HORSES – Laredo. 9.    

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