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Daniel Andrews to resign? Rumour hits State Politics…

Will Premier Daniel Andrews resign after the State Election? It was a front page story so Colin Tyrus decided to check with Andrew Lund (State Political Reporter, Nine News). Andrew is still wading through a mountain of annual reports tabled in State Parliament on the final sitting day. He also talks about some “bad behaviour” in the big House on Spring Street. Andrew talks State Politics each week on “A Newsman and his Music” – Mondays 10AM to Midday on 88.3 Southern FM.

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Two Deesappointed Melbourne fans wallow in self-pity

The world’s most biased sporting segment took on a sombre tone at times when Demons supporters Colin Tyrus and Adam Woolcock from demonwiki.org┬ádiscussed the end of Melbourne Football Club’s finals campaign.
Even Chopin’s famous Funeral March gets a brief airing on 88.3 Southern FM’s “A Newsman and his Music” program just ahead of the midday news on Monday 24 September 2018.

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Bayside Mayor impressed by town hall turnout over park issue

Residents flock to town hall meeting. Bayside Mayor Cr Laurence Evans joins Southern FM’s Colin Tyrus to review the special meeting of council over the future of Elsternwick Park South. The meeting was held at Brighton Town Hall on 19 September 2018. The Mayor also talks to Colin about a proposed new system for garbage and recycling.

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Words for Life podcast 23Sep18

“Fruit of the spirit – sanctification” was the sermon title of Rev Kevin Pedersen’s talk last Sunday 23Sep18. Talk time was 26 minutes. Kevin is the minister at Ormond Anglican Church.

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