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Southern FM is a community radio station that is home to a diverse range of programming. Our volunteers present music shows in genres including Jazz, Soul, Rock, Pop, RnB, Dance and Country. Southern FM also showcases new Australian music as well as regular live music spots. Our talk shows cover topics ranging from health to parenting, and community news to local sport. We also broadcast shows in languages other than English including Fijian, Indian, Croatian, Russian, Greek and Spanish. Check out our Program Guide to find a show that may interest you.


WRITE NOW – tonight 6/8/20 – I’ll talk with Betty O’Neill about her very affecting memoir: The Other Side of Absence; and later I’ll review the excellent book Together by Vivek H Murthy. Please join me, Gaytana

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Two Smokin’ Guns – Podcast – 2ndAug2020

Scotty & Ruttsy tackled the Mickey Mouse Tax, the Race to Mars, Karens called Karen, Stonehenge, Salt & Pepper shakers, John Clarke, Eve Black’s secret life, Mask freedom, tricky celestial geometry, limp carrots, languishing parsnips, ways to use Honey & fun facts about Meatloaf.   Song selection was delegated to Scotty this week – an eclectic mix including Superman by

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