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Southern FM is a community radio station that is home to a diverse range of programming. Our volunteers present music shows in genres including Jazz, Soul, Rock, Pop, RnB, Dance and Country. Southern FM also showcases new Australian music as well as regular live music spots. Our talk shows cover topics ranging from health to parenting, and community news to local sport. We also broadcast shows in languages other than English including Fijian, Indian, Croatian, Russian, Greek and Spanish. Check out our Program Guide to find a show that may interest you.

Southern FM celebrates 30 years of broadcasting

Just over 30 years ago, a group of enthusiastic people put together a proposal to establish a community radio station to serve the southern and bayside suburbs of Melbourne. That dream turned into reality when Southern Community Broadcasters was granted a licence to broadcast on the FM band. In November 2020, Southern FM celebrates its 30th anniversary. Over the years,

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SECA Round 2 played out on Saturday with reduced overs grades and juniors joining in the fun. The SECA Panel had a lot to talk about with a lot of action happening including a massive 208 from Zac Rattray in D Grade off a ridiculous 62 balls. We talked to Zac and also caught up with Brighton Union President Russell

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Two Smokin’ Guns – Podcast – 22nd Nov 2020

Scotty & Ruttsy discussed the SA pizza lockdown fiasco, which was a super-supreme, cheese filled, party-size extravaganza cooked up by a selfish idiot and eaten by a gullible Premier. We farewelled the smorgasbord, once made famous by Sizzler, The Keg, The Swagman & Smorgy’s and discussed the finger lickin’ feud between the Colonel and Grill’d. We told some Dad jokes,

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