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Southern FM is home to one of the most diverse range of programming on radio. We have music shows in a wide array of genres, including Jazz, Soul, Rock, Pop, RnB, Dance and Country, as well as regular live music spots. We also have shows that discuss topics ranging from health, parenting, community news and local sport. We also support Ethnic communities with programming in languages other than English including Samoan, Fijian, Indian, Croatian, Russian, Greek and Spanish. Check out our Program Guide to find a show that may interest you.


WRITE NOW – tonight – Gwen McCallum and later Clare Strahan will talk about her new book: The Learning Curves of Vanessa Partridge. Please join me, Gaytana

What’s on ‘Built For Speed’ Friday 27th April 2018

This week ‘Built For Speed’ gives you the official opinion on the film of the moment, the two and half hour behemoth, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.  We’ll also tell you about the slightly less hyped teen horror flick ‘Truth or Dare’.  There’ll be fine tunes a plenty with new indie releases, Aussie garage rock, classic rock and more all-time favourite album tracks.  Don’t forget our comprehensive preview of upcoming gigs and our skewering of TV for the week.  Check out ‘Built For Speed’, Friday 8-10pm on 88.3 Southern FM.


BEST MEDICINE – today – the CEO of the National Asthma Council to talk about issues associated with World Allergy Week; also a new children’s book: Digger – very apposite; and other health information. Please join em, Gaytana

ANZAC service special (podcast)

Listen again to Songs of Hope ANZAC special, broadcast on Sunday 22Apr18. This is a tribute to our Australian soldiers who have fallen in war

Songs of Hope website


WRITE NOW – tonight – Garry will give us a film review and a travel piece; then Joanne O’Callaghan will talk about her books: Found in Melbourne (in English and Chinese) and later Josephine Moon will talk about her latest book: Three Gold Coins. Please join me, Gaytana

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