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Southern FM is a community radio station that is home to a diverse range of programming. Our volunteers present music shows in genres including Jazz, Soul, Rock, Pop, RnB, Dance and Country. Southern FM also showcases new Australian music as well as regular live music spots. Our talk shows cover topics ranging from health to parenting, and community news to local sport. We also broadcast shows in languages other than English including Fijian, Indian, Croatian, Russian, Greek and Spanish. Check out our Program Guide to find a show that may interest you.

Two Smokin’ Guns – Podcast – 27 September 2020

Scotty & Ruttsy farewelled Dean Jones & Max Merritt, celebrated the Archibald winner, two champion Aussie middle distance runners, talked local footy, AFL & Dermie’s broken body. Ruttsy talked through Australia’s BIG things – Pineapple, Mango Banana, Olive, Koala, Galah, Peanut, Pie, Wheelbarrow & the Big Bogan – whilst Scotty talked us through his Antipasti platter, famous quotes & Falafels.

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WRITE NOW – tonight 24/9/20 – Flight Lines by Andrew Darby; Doug Gimesy and Heather Kiley – Life Upside Down; plus lots more. Please join me, Gaytana

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Breaking Barriers Saorsa Podcast Interview

Saorsa is an up and coming artist who has a passion for telling stories. She views songwriting not just as a passion, but as an exercise in venting emotions – using it as a creative outlet. Her chilled out, edgy sound draws upon elements of RnB, pop & alternative electronic genres. Having moved to Melbourne prior to COVID-19, she didn’t

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