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Words for Life podcast

Words for Life for Sunday 24Jun18 was by Rev David Sterrey of Beaumaris Baptist Church. His talk title was “Being contextual”. Talk time was 25 minutes

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Songs of Hope Sunday Worship

Listen again to Songs of Hope Sunday Worship for Sunday 24Jun18. Play time is 13 minutes.

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Sportzfan Radio interview 24 June 2018 – Vladimir Wongavic in Russia following the Socceroos

Sparing no expense, Sportzfan Radio arranged to have a man on the ground in Russia for the 2018 World Cup. Vladimir Wongavic has watched the Socceroos play France in Kazan, Denmark in Samara and later this week he is off to Sochi to watch the all important game against Peru. He talks with the Professor, the Judge and Coutta (after a late night out in Moscow) and gives his take on the Socceroos performances so far.


It is fair to say Michael Burrows has taken the musical road less travelled so far but his latest release may see him hit the mainstream more than before. He dropped by All New Saturday Ausmosis this morning to discuss his path and to give us a sampler of the new mini album as well as hitting us with a couple of “naked” versions of the songs on the album.

What’s on ‘Built For Speed’, Friday 22nd June 2018

This week on ‘Built For Speed’ we tell you all about the latest reincarnation of Jurassic Park with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. For those wanting fewer scenes of T-Rex eating people we’ll let you know about Leisure Seeker a drama about ageing in contemporary America starring Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland.  There’s many fine tunes to be had on ‘Built For Speed’ with new music from Australia and overseas, classic rock and indie favourites from across the decades.  Don’t forget our regular preview of gigs and TV for the week.  Check out ‘Built For Speed’, Friday 8-10pm on 88.3 Southern FM.

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