Artemis 1

“The Space Show” will be covering the Artemis 1 moonshot, with several precursor programmes, and then coverage of the August 29 liftoff by our own reporter at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and mission updates until splashdown. Please listen, Wednesdays, 7 to 8 pm.

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Steve Lucas is a long time legend of the Australian music landscape and that is likely to be further re-inforced with the release of his new album offering “Cross That Line” with The Rising Tide. A bit different to many of his previous offering’s it is rich in musicianship and fun from start to finish. ANSA caught up with Steve

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Gabby and Jane conquer Everest

Have a listen to Gabby and Jane Kanizay talking about their expedition to the summit of Mount Everest. Gabby became the youngest Australian to conquer the mountain and her mother also made the climb to the top of the world. In this podcast from Southern FM’s A Newsman and His Music, Gabby and Jane are speaking to Colin Tyrus. Picture

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