Participate in Southern FM

88.3 Southern FM is staffed entirely by volunteers.  Our presenters, admin staff, station technicians and the Board of Management all give their time freely to ensure the smooth and continuous running of the radio station, which broadcasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Participating in community radio is a great way to assist in providing your community with radio content not otherwise available elsewhere.  In some cases it can even be the start of a career in professional radio.

Community television network Channel 31 (C31) produced an interview segment back in 2019 which gives some insight in to how we operate at Southern FM, shown in the video below.

If you would like to become involved with 88.3 Southern FM, we are always looking for people with a skill to bring to the station (or a willingness to learn) in the following areas:

  • Technical – Maintaining and upgrading the station’s broadcast equipment, IT infrastructure and website
  • Production – Producing recorded and live on-air content and outside broadcasts
  • Marketing – Promoting the station within the community and seeking sponsorship
  • Presenting – Presenting a Southern FM show live on-air
  • Admin – Station administration and book keeping
  • Reception – Manning the reception desk for a few hours per week and assisting with admin at the studios

Running a radio station is expensive. We ask all of our participants and supporters to become members of the station and to renew their membership each year.

Our current membership rates are:

  •  Individual – $55.00
  •  Concession – $33.00
  •  Family – $77.00
  •  Concession Family – $45.00
  •  Community Group – $77.00
  •  Under 18 (no voting rights) – $5.00

On air presenters are required to pay studio access fees in addition to an annual membership fee. Currently the studio fee is $6 per show, paid six months in advance (e.g. 26 weeks x $6 = $156.00). If you manage to obtain a show sponsor, your studio fees are waived for as long as the sponsorship exists for your program.

If you would like to participate, please contact us to register your interest.