What’s on Built for Speed, Fri 12th August 2011

This week, Built for Speed rounds out its coverage of the Melbourne International Film Festival with a look at cricket doco Fire in Babylon and Sci Fi drama Another Earth. We’ll also preview the upcoming Bayside Film Festival.  In our classic album series we look at My Morning Jacket’s 2003 cosmic alt country epic It Still Moves.  We’ll also give you

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Film review: THE ILLUSIONIST, from Built for Speed

The illusionist is a bittersweet French animated film based on a script by famed comic movie maker Jacques Tati.  It tells the story of a middle-aged French sideshow magician who embarks on a forelorn tour of Britain in the early 60’s. There he meets a poverty-stricken young woman whom he takes under his wing.  As she begins to flourish and explore

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Film review: RED DOG, from Built for Speed

Most films that try to encapsulate the Australian identity are about rugged blokes and doughty women battling the intractable landscape but some, such as the latest Aussie film release Red Dog, are more concerned with our four legged friends. When young truck driver (Luke Ford) arrives in the WA mining town of Dampier in the late 70’s to deliver a

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