Film review: THE HUNTER from Built for Speed

The tense new Australian thriller The Hunter bears comparison with the George Clooney film from last year, The American.  Both movies have an austere yet engrossing atmosphere and feature professional hit men as a stranger-in-a-strange-land pursuing their quarry while they are themselves pursued. In The Hunter, though, the prey is a little out of the ordinary. Willem Defoe plays an

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What’s on Built for Speed: Friday 14th October 2011

This week on Built for Speed it’s back to the 80’s, well not quite.  We review two remakes of iconic 80’s movies: Footloose and The Thing. There’s also new music from Wilco from their epic album The Whole Love, Royal Headache and Urge Overkill.  Desperate to know which gigs to see in the upcoming week? Don’t worry we’ll tell you what’s out there. 

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Cold Chisel – The Songs/The Interviews

On Thursday afternoon between 4pm – 6pm Wrokdown Radio has a week off but do not despair, we will still be listening to the best music by the legends. In this instance some of the biggest and best legends of Australian music. Barnesy, Mossy, Donny & Phil talk about the great tunes that made Cold Chisel the legends they are

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