This Weeks Live Sunday Session – Fine Champagne

The sensational Live Sunday Sessions return to the studio this Sunday as we are privy to the amazing guitar work of Daniel Champagne. The kid can seriously play and he will take us on a super interesting ride as he runs around the fret board with two hands (one upside down), bends the neck and just plain intimidates his instrument. He has recently released his first full CD and returns to Melbourne after an extensive tour of Canada and the UK. Not convinced, check out his website or find him on youtube. You can see him at the Northcote Social Club every Tuesday in October.

‘It’s his guitar work that really steals the show. Champagne has not only mastered his instrument, He’s conquered it. Reaching into Folk, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Rock and other styling’s, with nods too virtuosos to numerous to mention. Champagne has Created a pastiche all of his own’ 
Jamie Forbes, BDN

The Dom Perignon of the accoustic guitar

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