Playlist for the Midnight Mass program Wednesday 15th April

The playlist for the Midnight Mass program – with host DJ Daniel H from Midnight tonite…!


PANDA BEAR – Come To Your Senses

ZOMBY – Ascension / Horrid

OHGR – Crash

BJORK – One Day

SONIC YOUTH – Theresa’s Sound World

NINE INCH NAILS – The Hand That Feeds

XTG – What He Said

JOHN ZORN – Snake Catcher

THE RESIDENTS – Electrocutioner

THE ORB – Ralph’s Cupboard

NURSE WITH WOUND – Cruisin For A Bruisin


PORTAL – The Back Wards

NEGATIVLAND – One More For The Rodeo

DEATH IN JUNE – Break The Black Ice

COCTEAU TWINS – Alas Dies Laughing

BURZUM – Hit Helga Tre

BLACK WIDOW – Way To Power




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