Playlist for the Midnight Mass program Wednesday August 26th

The playlist for this evening’s (12am – 2am) Midnight Mass program with host dj Daniel H is as follows:


THE FLAMING LIPS – In The Morning Of The Magicians

LIARS – No. 1 Against The Rush

PUSCIFER – Monsoons

RADIOHEAD – I Might Be Wrong

PJ HARVEY – Horses In My Dreams

KILLING JOKE – Love Like Blood

COIL – Where Are You?

SONIC YOUTH – Disappearer

SWANS – Will We Survive?

PANDA BEAR – Come To Your Senses

JIM O’ROURKE – Through The Night Softly

ULVER – Glamour Box

FAUST – Jennifer

DAVID BOWIE – I Would Be Your Slave

BRIAN ENO – Dunwich Beach Autumn 1960

COCTEAU TWINS – From The Flagstones

ALVARIUS B – God Only Be Without You


HELIOS – In Everything Was Given



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