Playlist for the Midnight Mass program Wednesday March 18th

The playlist for this evening’s (12am – 2am) Midnight Mäss program with host dj Daniel H. is as follows :


ARIEL PINK – Not Enough Violence

DEVO – Peekaboo!

OF MONTREAL – Lysergic Bliss

THE FALL – You’re Not Up To Much

CARTER TUTTI – Driving Blind


THE FLAMING LIPS – Butterfly How Long It Takes To Die


VON THRONSTAHL – Rueck Vor Bis Zur

COIL – Paint Me As A Dead Soul

DAVID SYLVIAN – Let The Happiness In

THROBBING GRISTLE – The Worm Waits Its Turn

TOOL – Intension

RUINS OF BEVERAST – Theriak Baal Theriak

VATICAN SHADOW – Not The Son Of Desert Storm

BETHLEHEM – Verschleirte Irrelgiositat

NAPALM DEATH – Fall On Their Swords

HUM OF THE DRUID – Antler Caught In Storm Drain


Tune in. Or don’t tune in. It’s all good.


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