Listen below to this Purple Haze Archive special podcast featuring the legendary compilation series: The Lost Jukebox. This compilation series compiled by the late Jeffrey Glenn (who also played similar music with his band The Retros) features amazingly obscure yet totally fascinating tunes from as early as the late 50s right up to the early 70s. Be amazed, be enthralled & be amused at this totally fascinating series of compilations: THE LOST JUKEBOX!! Plus the encore ‘episode’, and, an extra special edition, where we join Skip Miller, the self-appointed curator of The Lost Jukebox as he discusses his search for every one of the songs featured on THE LOST JUKEBOX!!


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  • Thank you so much for airing the special. Jeff was a great friend and it really touches me that his Lost Jukebox series has made an impact so far away from home. Jeff put a lot of time and heart into cleaning up every single track. It’s been just over 2 years since he left us, but I know that he is happy that people are still enjoying his work.

  • Jeff would have thought this program was amusing getting recognized for what he loved doing….he was one of my best friends and the greatest authority on lost singles that he considered should have been hits …hence The Lost Jukebox. He trawled through box’s and box’s of them at swap meets and would clean them up on his computer then burn them to CD…. We met when myself and Tony Rivers came over to the USA to see Brian Wilson play Pet Sounds with a symphony Orchestra and the following year he and his bandmate in The Retros played with Tony and his son Anthony at International Pop Overthrow in front of Brian Wilson for which I mixed Front Of House……Jeff died in 2009 through complications caused by diabetes….I miss him he was unique….Thankyou for honoring his memory….JK

  • Jeff was a very good friend of mine and talented musician out of Los Angeles. Lost Jukebox was his baby! He would be proud to know that LJB is being appreciated worldwide.

  • Unfortunately, this series of CDs, while in great demand, is now like trying to chase down last night’s thunderstorm. It is legendary, amazing, fantastic and highly elusive. I’ve managed to find many but am still missing over 100 volumes.

  • I think the 240 is a bit of a misnomer. There’s no evidence that all 240 were actually made available to the public. I don’t know where the number came from. There are listings for 170 and it is possible to track down copies of 1-137 and 177-180. So at most, there may only be 180 and even not all those may have been made available. The 240 may be referring to how many Glenn personally had. But at this point, I don’t think we’re going to see any more appear.

  • This is the best series ever. I was so sad to hear of Jeff’s passing. There are volumes above 180 as I have up through 188 as well as all of them from 1-144 and a few in the 200’s. They can be found but not easily and not to the general public. It’s a shame that none of these songs were national hits but many were regional hits and most are from my favorite era: 1965-1973

  • There are 225 Volumes, I have a list of the complete set. Currently, i am missing 448 songs.

  • Anybody has questions or comments, contact me at

  • This is an update to my June 2014 post….We now need 148 songs and there are 11 X-Mas Volumes!!

  • January Update, we are now down to 105 songs left and have ALL 11 X-Mas Volumes!…The search continues!

  • I want to Thank Nick and everybody who listened to the Latest Lost Jukebox Podcast, and my apologies for any mis-information I broadcast…Lol….

    P.S. We are down to under 95 songs left to complete Lost Jukebox….Skip Miller

  • We now have only 15 missing songs from Vol’s 211-225

  • Hi Skip, Ken, Nick and John
    I so look forward to your completed
    list of the most legendary collection
    of Jeffrey Glenn’s Lost Jukebox
    I’m a big fan of the obscure and the
    hardly heard recordings, Im so saddenned
    to know that Jeffrey Glenn is no longer
    with us yet his music archive will
    forever be with us and music collectors
    Loved the explanation of the records
    themselves introduced by Nick and Skip
    as a backstory of the LJ singles
    Skip will you be hosting a show spotlighting
    from LJ it was a fine and fun listening
    experience ! Would like so much to hear
    your stereo version researched of the
    Lost ‘n Found
    Many Thanks to The Purple Haze Podcast
    and everyones love for the obscure
    Byron, Los Angeles Californiuuuum as Dr
    Demento would say

  • For those who are still following this thread, and this mission, the number of missing songs has been reduced to FOUR!

    They are:
    Volume/track Artist/Song
    213/3 Unknown Artist – Sweet Love(Western Recorders acetate)
    214/7 Pattern People – Love is a Lover Loving to Be Loved
    217/24 Child of the Times – (My) Prayer For the World to You
    220/11 Joe Ward – That’s the Way Love Is

    If anyone can help us locate these four songs, please let us know.

  • Update!! Two of the four songs above have been found! Still missing are:

    213/3 Unknown Artist – Sweet Love(Western Recorders acetate)
    217/24 Child of the Times – (My) Prayer For the World to You

  • Missing 3 songs, That’s The Way Love Is, Ala Moog and Riot. Any chance you can help? I have Child of the Times and My Prayer for the World if you still need those.

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