Songs of Hope podcasts for 2012 12 09

Listen again to the podcast segments from Songs of Hope. They were broadcast on 2012 09 09.

1. hymns podcast

  • Philippians canticle by The Cathedral Singers
  • O worship the king – Hymn Classics Volume 2 album
  • What a friend we have in Jesus by George Beverly Shea

2. Prayer psalm. Psalm 116 v 1to4 and 12 to end. What can I give to God for being so good to me.

3. Songs podcast

  • Glory to God by Anna-Maria La Spina
  • You are mine by Justin Peters
  • Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen by James Morrison and Emma Pask

4. One hour podcast of Songs of Hope from 2012 09 09 at 8am

Songs of Hope website:

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