Two Smokin’ Guns – The Sly of the Underworld edition

Two Smokin’ Guns had crime writer and Underbelly author John Sylvester (Sly of the Underworld) as our special guest talking about the colourful characters of the Melbourne underworld. His stories about the Williams clan, Gatto, Mokbel and Gobbo had us hanging on every word.

We covered the world leaders finest work from Kim Jong-Un’s disappearance, Boris’s return and Trump’s stupidity (again), Anzac Day, Capt. Tom Moore’s #1 hit and his world walking record, How to use Drones, Sparkle Markle’s slapdown & sundry other topics. Then we took a sledgehammer to the Top 30 Best Australian Solo Artists list that was in the weekend paper.

We played Michael Cristiano’s song Forever Greatful, where he pays tribute to the frontline people doing great work in our hospitals. The rest of the songs were Monday songs – Manic Monday (Bangles), Monday’s Experts (Weddings, Parties, Anything) & Blue Monday (New Order). Oh, and Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash) got a run apropos of the Underbelly segment.

All the normal mix of mayem and madness that you’ve come to expect from Scotty & Ruttsy.

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