Film Review: ABDUCTION from Built for Speed

A new cinematic legend has been born, a film of such astonishing awfulness that it seems to have gained instant cult status with preview audience members already talking about using it for a drinking game, its name… Abduction.  Some films like Plan 9 From Outer Space earn the coveted status of turkey through technical ineptitude, some like Conan: the Barbarian

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What’s on Built for Speed: Friday 30th September 2011

This week on Built for Speed we celebrate the career of REM.  Following their recent announcement that they have disbanded we back track over nearly 30 years of superb music from the Athens Georgia legends.  We also review Steve Carrell rom com Crazy, Stupid Love and Twilight star Taylor Lautner’s foray into the world of   espionage action with Abduction.  There’s

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Film review: SUBMARINE from Built for Speed

Clever and inventive as it is, Welsh comedy Submarine is oddly familiar, often playing like a darker cinematic version of the TV show The In Betweeners.  Like that show, it features a bullied schoolboy nerd (Oliver) played by (Craig Roberts) trying to cope with annoying idiot mates and his attraction to a more worldly and generally nasty female classmate Jordana

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