Film review: THE SKELETON TWINS, from Built For Speed

Mark Heyman, who wrote the script for Black Swan, seems fascinated with emotionally damaged people desperately trying to cope with or conceal personal disappointments, family trauma and the wounds of their past.  He has collaborated with writer/ director Craig Johnson and producers the Duplass brothers, who produced the wonderfully melancholic romantic fantasy Safety Not Guaranteed to give us the unsettling,

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Film review: IN A WORLD, from Built For Speed

How many times have we heard the deep mellifluous burr of a movie trailer voice-over artist exclaiming “This year” or “In a world”? The owner of that voice was more likely than not American vocal legend Don La Fontaine who recorded thousands of voice-overs for film trailers and TV commercials before his death in 2008.   The vacuum he left in

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Film review: SONG FOR MARION, from Built For Speed

Following Quartet and Performance, Song For Marion is the third recent film about older people finding solace, meaning and fulfilment through music.  Like those films, Song for Marion makes some sobering and touching observations about ageing and mortality although it’s often unsubtle in its emotional manipulation and veers awkwardly into the world of quirky comedy. Terence stamp and Vanessa Redgrave

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