Film review: ‘THE BREAKER-UPPERERS’, by Nick Gardener from ‘Built For Speed’

Anyone familiar with the films of New Zealand director Taika Waititi will recognise his idiosyncratic style: low budget and aesthetically minimalist with extremely droll piss-taking humour, absurdist depictions of everyday life and affectionate oddball characters. This is almost the house style for his company, Piki Films and it carries through to their latest effort The Breaker-Upperers which, for about half its

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Film review: DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: THE LONG HAUL by Nick Gardener from Built For Speed

With amusing insights into pre-teen neurosis reminiscent of the Peanuts comics, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid films, which are based on the hit Jeff Kinney books, have been a refreshing addition to the kid/ family film landscape. They have, however, provided diminishing returns with the standard declining after the very funny first film. That slide continues with the latest

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Film review: THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE, by Nick Gardener from ‘Built For Speed’

After the original Lego Movie became a box office behemoth there was no escaping a future filled with animated Lego figures spouting sarcastic quips. Now we have The Lego Batman Movie a cluttered, manic film stuffed with mostly superficial pop-cultural references that, while sporadically amusing, fails to live up to its predecessor. Here, Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) is having

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