Bayside heritage disgrace

The demolition of two more “mid-century modern” homes in recent days has cast a spotlight on Bayside Council’s failure to deliver on its heritage protection responsibilities. In this podcast from Friday Magazine, Colin Tyrus speaks to Beaumaris Modern president Fiona Austin and Bayside Mayor Cr Clarke Martin. This interview will be repeated on A Newsman and his Music on Monday

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Kingston Chamber of Secrets Part 2

If you’re a ratepayer in the City of Kingston, you need to listen to this special Southern FM news report. Kingston Council is keeping secret its plan for a multi-million dollar development adjoining the redeveloped Cheltenham Station. In this podcast, you’ll hear what the councillors say about the need for transparency. You might be surprised.

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Kingston Council: Chamber of Secrets

Coming up on Friday Magazine… Kingston Council: Chamber of Secrets.  Don’t miss our special report on the veil of secrecy at the City of Kingston. In this exclusive story, Southern FM journalist Colin Tyrus will reveal an investigation into some serious allegations. We’ll name the Councillors who voted to keep the issues secret and we’ll hear from three Councillors who

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