Deb Brook – Bayside Citizen of the Year

In this podcast from Friday Magazine, Leanne Cutler is speaking with Bayside Citizen of the Year Deb Brook. Deb is President of Bayside Community Emergency Relief. At the Australia Day Awards ceremony, Deb was recognised for her outstanding contribution to Bayside through her work mobilising and educating the community to effectively help those in need.

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Beaumaris Theatre at home

Since 1953 Beaumaris Theatre Inc has been entertaining Baysiders and it hasn’t let a pandemic stop it. In this podcast, Friday Magazine entertainment reporter Leanne Cutler is speaking with Kristina Doucouliagos about the company’s¬†Theatre At Home initiative. Visit:¬†

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The Virus of politics

In his editorial on Friday Magazine, Colin Tyrus talks about tabloid newspapers and their version of the truth. He also pays tribute to the chief of the World Health Organisation who says the fight against COVID-19 should not be politicised. Have a listen to the podcast here.

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