From Stress to Harmony… How do we get there?

Tune in this morning at 11am to Mind, Body, Heart and Soul and listen to the discussion between Christine Heart Savage and Dr. Peter Johnston on Stress and Stress Management.  Friday was Stress Down Day, that’s the hot topic of the moment…

Christine Heart Savage

The Breathing Lady

Christine interviews Indira Kennedy on her book

Christine Heart Savage interviews Indira Kennedy about her book “Gorgeous All Over” a daily guide for women with spirit, on Mind, Body, Heart and Soul at 11am Monday 18 July.  They will be discussing women and empowerment and creating the life you want to live.

Christine Heart Savage

Indira Kennedy       

Communication and it’s different flavours

This week on Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Christine Heart Savage discusses “Communication” and all it’s different flavours with one of her regular guest’s Dr Ranjani Ratnam.  Everything in life is a communication in one form or another and this week  the program is on the “in’s and out’s” of this universal correspondence called communication.

christine heart savage

dr ranjani  ratnam