Podcast – Will The Real Jeff St John Please Stand Up – on Purple Haze

On this Podcast, Jeff St John joins Mark Naumann on Purple Haze  and talks about the re-release of his last studio album ‘Will The Real Jeff St John Please Stand Up’. We play the entire album which is full of classics – massive tunes given the JSJ treatment with help from ‘The Embers’ (Jeffrey s last band). This Podcast also includes a selection of old and newer tunes from Jeffrey s catalogue  that will bring pleasure to your senses. 

Jeffrey St John Interview on Purple Haze 1-1-2014 Podcast

On this Podcast Mark Naumann chats to Jeffrey St John about some of the tracks he is digging out of his ‘archives’. 12 tracks played in all – 1. Redneck Friend 2. La Booga Rooga (Kid Royal)  3. Fanciful Flights (Copperwine featuring John Sangster) 4. No One IS Alone (Original demo. Hue Williams-Guitar, Russell Dunlop-Drums, Mick Lawlor-Bass) 5. I Remember (Copperwine), 6. Giving It All To You 7. Starbrite (So Far So Good-All vocals by Jeffrey St John) 8. Levon (Live at The Opera House 1973) 9. High Life (Bob Bertles Sax) 10. Piece Of My Heart (Janice Slater and Alison McCallum backup vocals) 11. Hold On 12. Spirit Of Olympia (Written for the Olympic Centenary. All done on Australian Fairlight – the worlds first orchestra in a box). Enjoy!