Film review: THE ARTIST from Built for Speed

Following Hugo, The Artist is the Second film this Oscar season to revel in nostalgia for the silent movie era.  The Artist doesn’t just talk about silent film as a lost art, however, it is itself a silent film shot in black and white in the pre-war square film ratio with subtitled dialogue and virtually no on-screen sound except for

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Built For Speed: Playlist, Friday 10th February 2012

BUILT FOR SPEED: PLAYLIST, FRIDAY 10TH FEBRUARY 2012  1.    THE CLOUDS – Here now. 2.     BLOOD RED SHOES – It’s getting boring by the sea 3.     WILD FLAG – Romance. 4.     JONATHON WILSON – The way I feel. 5.     PINK FLOYD – Another brick in the wall. 6.     THE POGUES – Body of an American. 7.     JOHN FOGARTY – Fortunate

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Film review: J. EDGAR from Built for Speed

It seems to be the year for biopics of controversial conservative icons, first it was Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, now it’s infamous FBI director J. Edgar Hoover (Leo Di Caprio) in the rather uninventively titled J. Edgar. The film portrays most of the major events in Hoover’s professional life including the search for Charles Lindbergh’s baby, his pursuit

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