Support Local Community Radio with Southern FM Merch

Rock some stylish Southern FM gear and let everyone know you’re a dedicated listener! It’s a great conversation starter and a way to connect with other fans of our awesome community radio station.

Southern FM as a non-profit, is run by passionate volunteers who bring you the music, news, and shows you love. Buying merch directly helps us stay on air, keeping local voices and information flowing through Melbourne’s southern suburbs and beyond.

Choose from a variety of comfy hoodies, vests, polos, t-shirts, jackets, and caps to match your style. We have sizes for men & women, from small up to 5XL!

Looking for a deal? Keep an eye on our socials for bundle options to save some on your favourite Southern FM gear. Plus, you can combine items and save on shipping costs.

Click on the links below to go to find out more, choose your size and to place your order with our merch partner Righton Design. Size guides can be found on the ordering page.

Mens Polo with Embroidered Logo $43.50

Ladies Polo with Embroidered Logo  $43.50

Mens Soft Shell Jack with Embroidered Logo $68.50 Ladies Soft Shell Jack with Embroidered Logo $68.50
Tee Shirt MENS Navy/Red $32.00

Tee Shirt LADIES Navy/Red $32.00

Tee Shirt Long Sleeve ADULTS Navy $33.50

Polo Shirt MENS Navy/Red $40.00

Polo Shirt LADIES Navy/Red $40.00

Hoodie UNISEX Navy/Red $55.00

Vest MENS Navy $63.50

Vest LADIES Navy $63.50

Jacket Softshell MENS Navy $65.00

Jacket Softshell LADIES Navy $65.00

Suede Peak Cap Navy $20.00

Suede Peak Cap Natural/Navy $20.00