Film review: THE THREE MUSKETEERS from Built for Speed

The oft-filmed tale of the Three Musketeers gets a cartoonish cgi make over in this latest adaptation starring Orlando Bloom, Milla Jovovich and Christophe Waltz. Hopes of a tasteful and detailed adaptation of the Alexander Dumas classic should be abandoned as the original story’s themes of honour and valour amid the tumult of 17th century Anglo-French conflict are submerged beneath

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Film review: WARRIOR from Built for Speed

Movies about the fight game have become very clichéd beasts: there’s the tough but big hearted contender overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, the grizzled trainer dispensing heartfelt old school wisdom, family members having emotionally-tortured shouting matches, the grimy industrial locations and of course the training montages.  Cage fighting drama Warrior has all the clichés firmly in place although it’s set in

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