Film review: THE ARTIST from Built for Speed

Following Hugo, The Artist is the Second film this Oscar season to revel in nostalgia for the silent movie era.  The Artist doesn’t just talk about silent film as a lost art, however, it is itself a silent film shot in black and white in the pre-war square film ratio with subtitled dialogue and virtually no on-screen sound except for

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Get Groovy on Radio Ga Ga ’73

We are getting well groovy on Radio Ga Ga as we return to 1973. Glam was in, free love still abounded, Billy Thorpe & Queen headlined Sunbury, ABBA “arrived”, Richmond had a decent team and Gough Whitlam was making his mark. There were also some great tunes and some not so great tunes such as these from that year:- “You’re So

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Rail Fans – tune in tonight 7pm – on Write Now – David St John Thomas talks about his latest book Railway Season. Plus Garry Fabian journalist & author in studio to do a film review and talk travel.

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