Radio Ga Ga returns with the best “Lefties”

After a two week break, Radio Ga Ga returns to it’s 10am Saturday morning time slot with a look at the inspiring musical lefties from rock history. There are the few really famous “cack-handers” such as Hendrix, Cobain and McCartney but did you know that Phil Collins, Chris Rea and Billy Ray Cyrus were “mollydookers” as well? Or that The

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Film review: FACE TO FACE, from Built for Speed

Face to face, which is based on a David Williamson play, takes us into the often volatile world of conciliation hearings.  Like 12 Angry Men it uses a group confrontation to peel back the layers on a seemingly clear cut assault, challenge our initial perceptions of the incident, skewer stereotypes and reveal dark secrets about the participants. Red Dog’s Luke

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Best Medicine

High end design and sustainability – how FLUORO magazine and housemouse design are aiming to make a difference. Today on BEST MEDICINE I talk with Nancy Bugeja editor of FLUORO magazine.   Make it a date with me, Gaytana,  Tuesdays 11am-noon for Best Medicine

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