This Saturday, 19th November marks the 21st anniversary of full time operations of 88.3 Southern FM. The radio station was established in 1981 by former Australian Broadcasting Control Board member Dom Iacono and then former ABC engineer Jack Burgesson, who with a dedicated band of volunteers, first broadcast for a two day broadcast from the Caulfield Town Hall. The first test broadcast was not

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Film review: THE THREE MUSKETEERS from Built for Speed

The oft-filmed tale of the Three Musketeers gets a cartoonish cgi make over in this latest adaptation starring Orlando Bloom, Milla Jovovich and Christophe Waltz. Hopes of a tasteful and detailed adaptation of the Alexander Dumas classic should be abandoned as the original story’s themes of honour and valour amid the tumult of 17th century Anglo-French conflict are submerged beneath

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Film review: WARRIOR from Built for Speed

Movies about the fight game have become very clichéd beasts: there’s the tough but big hearted contender overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, the grizzled trainer dispensing heartfelt old school wisdom, family members having emotionally-tortured shouting matches, the grimy industrial locations and of course the training montages.  Cage fighting drama Warrior has all the clichés firmly in place although it’s set in

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