Best opening album songs on Radio Ga Ga 14/05/11

The first track on an album often sets the tone for the rest of that album.  With this in mind, many great albums start with one of it’s strongest tracks.  Brown Sugar is the first track you hear on Sticky Fingers, Let’s Go Crazy kicks off Purple Rain and Lady Ga Ga introduced her hit album The Fame with Just Dance.  Many artists will also use the title track that names the album as the first song.  Hotel California, Bat Out Of Hell, Born in the USA & Faith are some obvious ones.  And when U2 cracked the USA with The Joshua Tree it was no co-incidence that the side 1 track 1 was the brilliant Where The Streets Have No Name. So join host Shaun Stokie on Radio Ga Ga on Saturday the 14th of May from 10 am as he will be spinning around two hours of great opening album tracks. And don’t stop ’til you get enough…

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