Jail House Rock on Radio Ga Ga this Saturday morning


Ah yes, it is Christmas time and many presenters on 88.3 are doing their Christmas special shows with great Christmas happy tunes. We at Radio Ga Ga have opted for a slightly different direction so this weeks Xmas eve theme will be focusing on the jailbirds of the music industry and what a rich tapestry it is. Featured artists will include Paul McCartney (drug possession), Jim Morrison (public exposure), Courtney Love (public indecency, assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, public nuisance), Chuck Berry (transporting a minor over state line for immoral purposes), Arlo Guthrie (littering), Peter Yarrow (taking liberties with a minor), Barry White (car theft) and George Michael (engaging in a lewd act, drug possession, DUI)  but there are plenty more you might not have known about.

Should be a fun two hour ride, get on board for this weeks Radio Ga Ga with Lucy & Mark, 10am – 12noon Saturday 24th December.


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