Key changes goin’ down on Radio Ga Ga

What is a key change in music?

A key is the scale a piece of music is based on: it only uses notes from that scale, unless stated otherwise by accidentals (the little sharps and flats next to the notes themselves).

So a key change is basically when you change from using notes from one scale (eg. G major) to notes from a different one (eg. B flat major). So basically, a key change is to CHANGE into a different KEY.

Some of the best rock and pop tunes in history contain significant key changes which has made those tracks memorable for that fact alone and it does often seem to add something special to the song.

This weeks Radio Ga Ga features some of these fine tunes performed by artists and acts such as Genesis, Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen, The Who, Derek & The Dominoes, Cher, Queen, CheapTrick, The Beach Boys and Bon Jovi as well as great songs by some lesser known acts such as Golden Earring and Mr.Big.

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