This Saturday morning on Radio Ga Ga from 10am until noon we will be dissecting the songs that we find confusing. Either we have no idea what they are about or, we know what the singers intent is but still can’t work out exactly what the lyrics mean. Tell us you don’t have at least one Bob Dylan song where you sit and think whilst listening, “What the hell were you on when you wrote than one Mr.Dylan?”. John Lennon definitely confused and intrigued us from time to time…..was he The Walrus? Rodriguez has had a revival in recent years but it still hasn’t revealed why “While the rain drank champagne, my Estonian Archangel came and got me wasted”. There are plenty more, and while many are left open to interpretation, RGG is going to have a crack at sorting out a few that confuse us including tracks from REM, The Killers, Train, Talking Heads, Oasis, Beck, Queen, Blur, Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead and others.
Tune in to help us out!!!

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