It is a bit of a boy weekend on this Saturday mornings Radio Ga Ga!! Imagine driving along a long lonely highway when one of those songs that you love comes on the radio or the CD or the iPod or the USB or whatever other method you are using to listen to your tunes, you know…one of those songs that forces you to reach for the volume dial/knob/button and crank it up to 11!!!! We all have our favorites where inevitably this happens. This week Mark gets the studio to himself so he will be playing his favorite “Pump Up The Volume” tunes. Yes, there will be a hint of bogun rock and a couple of classic hits but as always RGG will throw in a couple of sharp breaking curveball surprises. Check out this sneak preview of acts that have made the hit list, Led Zeppelin, The Knack, Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil, Foo Fighters, Meatloaf, George Thorogood, The Offspring and Bruce Springsteen whilst a few sneaky surprises will include Billy Joel, David Gray and James Blunt. Get It On.

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