Radio Ga Ga’s Classic Aussie Album Tablesetters

Radio Ga Ga goes retro Aussie this week  as we take a look as well as have a listen to the songs that set the scene for some of the albums that sit comfortably in the top 50 of Australia’s greatest rock/pop albums.  The opening track of any album is a key track and so often sets the whole tone of the album that follows.  Did you know that Skyhook’s “Living in the 70’s” is the opening tracks for the album of the same name?  Who can forget the opening verse of Hunters & Collectors “Say Goodbye” which opens up their Human Frailty album with a pounding beat and horn section:-

Well just the other night I come home
After three months of constant grind and travel
And I went snivelling
I went crawling around to my girlfriend’s house
And she came down hard upon me
And she ground her finger into my breastbone
And she said
She said: “You don’t make me feel… like I’m a woman…anymore”

You know the albums, you are certain to remember the opening tracks as well when you hear them on Radio Ga Ga this Saturday morning from 10am.

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