Radio Ga Ga is a show that invents a theme each week and bases its music selections for the week around that theme. This week on RGG we are remembering the “forgotten songs”. Yes, Ol ’55 had a hit with “On The Prowl” but do you remember “Two Faces Have I”?, Thin Lizzy belted out “The Boys Are Back In Town” but ” Chinatown” was a great song some 4 years later. Remember Lobo from the early 70’s? Black Box from the 90’s? The Ozark Mountain Daredevils from the mid 70’s? ¬†Fountains Of Wayne from the early noughties? Romeo Void from the early 80’s? The Georgia Satellites from the same period? or maybe C&C Music Factory from the beginning of the 90’s. They all produced awesome songs that charted but hardly get played on radio at all these days.

Well, on Radio Ga Ga you can hear some tunes you aint heard in a while. Remember how Hothouse Flowers were the “ants pants” for a few months and then disappeared just as quickly? Well, they still left their mark, even if it was with a cover version of a Johnny Nash song. Some of the tunes were chart toppers and some were simply fine tracks but they are all unique in that they fit into the RGG category for this week in that they receive little airplay these days.

There will be a bunch of good stuff played and if you can think of a worthy addition email it in to and we will give it a run if t is deemed worthy. Lock it in to 88.3 from 10am this Saturday morning.

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