Film review: FLIGHT OF THE BUTTERFLIES 3D, from Built For Speed

Flight of the Butterflies (3D) (which screens at the IMAX cinema) documents and dramatises the scientific quest to track the winter migration of the Monarch Butterfly from the Great Lakes of North America to its mysterious destination further south.

As with nearly all IMAX doco’s Flight of the Butterflies is visually stunning as it tracks the Monarch through its life cycle and its travels across America through vast fields, forests and suburban gardens.  The film also makes terrific use of 3D and had the kids in the audience gasping and swatting at the butterflies.

The film is as much about Dr Fred Urquhart, the scientist who dedicated his life to studying the Monarch, as the butterfly itself.  That’s not to say this is a detailed warts and all exposé of the man, this is an IMAX doco after all but his and wife Nora’s passionate quest to understand the Monarch forms the emotional core of this film.  Their search for the Monarch’s southern destination spanned 38 years and was described by Inside Toronto as the “entomological discovery of the 20th Century”.

Flight of the Butterflies is not too science-heavy so kids won’t be bored but it provides enough information to keep adults interested. Flight of the Butterflies is a charming and captivating look at a remarkable creature and the man who built his life following its astonishing travels.


Nick’s rating: Three and half stars.

Classification: G

Director(s): Mike Slee.

Release date: 21st Mar 2013

Running time: 40 mins.


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