Film review: GONE from Built For Speed

Gone is a mystery thriller that comes perilously close to being a complete turkey.

With a nod to Silence of the Lambs the film stars Amanda Seyfried as a traumatized young woman who claims to have been abducted by a psychopath years ago and who now thinks her sister has been snatched by the same man.

The film almost strings together an intriguing story as mounting evidence of the sister’s abduction competes with everyone’s belief that Seyfried is mentally ill and delusional.

There are genuinely tense moments as Seyfried goes in search of her sister and the abductor but these are constantly undercut buy laughable clichéd scenes such as cats leaping out of cupboards.

The film also has gigantic plot holes e.g. Seyfried easily finds a murder site in the dark that previously eluded a massive police search.  Also, try not to cough up your lunch when you hear the reason why a cop working the case is absent at a critical moment in the investigation.

The film could have gone in any number of directions and the opportunity for an inventive twist is wasted as the film opts for one of the lamest endings in thriller history.

Gone also contains some distractingly unusual looking characters such as the deliverance-like locksmiths Seyfried encounters at one point and a female cop with hair like a cave woman.

Gone is not quite as laughable as Abduction the Taylor Lautner monstrosity from last year but is still one of the sillier crime thrillers you’re likely to see.

Director: Heitor Dhalia

Released: 23rd February 2012

Running time: 94 mins.


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