Film review: TWO DAYS IN NEW YORK, from Built For Speed

Julie Delpy once again redefines multi-tasking as she co/writes, directs, stars in and even writes songs for the soundtrack of her latest film Two Days in New York, a sequel to her previous film Two Days in Paris.

Like Woody Allen’s latest effort, To Rome with Love, this is a light and fluffy rom com but its screwball scenarios actually produce more genuine laughs than the Woody film.

Delpy once again stars as French photographer Marion, this time living in an idyllic relationship in New York with her son from her previous relationship and new boyfriend Mingus (a jazz-bearded Chris rock).  The tranquillity and inner-city cool of their New York lifestyle is soon shattered, though, when Marion’s crazy slob Father (Delpy’s actual dad Albert) and flaky sister Rose (Alexia Landeau) visit from France.  To make matters worse, Rose has unexpectedly invited her sleazy, dope-smoking boyfriend Manu (Alexandre Nahon) who just happens to be Marion’s ex.

A series of moderately amusing culture clashes, misunderstandings and minor catastrophes ensue, all of which put increasingly strain on Marion and Mingus’ relationship.

A frenetic pace, some genuinely funny moments and a few perceptive insights about the stresses impacting couples help us overlook the fact that the script is pretty patchy and leaves various characters and story threads undeveloped.

Energetic performances from the entire cast help make this an enjoyable experience although the real star here is Chris Rock in a more restrained and thoughtful performance than we’re used to seeing from him. He shows he can handle drama as well as comedy.

In the end it’s just another rom com and doesn’t offer anything particularly profound about American or French culture and attitudes but it is mostly fun.


Nick’s rating: Three stars.

Classification: M

Director(s): Julie Delpy.

Release date: 22nd November 2012

Running time:  96 mins.


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