What’s on ‘Built For Speed’, Friday 27th October 2017

Believe it or not there’s a Marvel superhero film in our cinemas and this week on ‘Built For Speed’ we let you know whether ‘Thor: Ragarok’ is worth your hard-earned.  We also take a look at the latest film for the Cohen brothers, this time as script writers with George Clooney directing in ‘Suburbicon’.  It’ll be a huge show music-wise as we pay tribute to The Sex Pistols on the 40th anniversary of their one and only album ‘Never mind the bollocks’.  Speaking of 70’s bands will tell you all about the Status Quo gig at Hamer Hall on Tuesday night.  There’ll also be plenty of new tracks from Australia and Overseas.  Don’t forget our regular preview of gigs and TV for the week.  Check out ‘Built For Speed’, Friday 8-10pm on 88.3 Southern FM.

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