Kingston Arts Hour with Matt – May 2024 podcast

In this edition of the Kingston Arts Hour, Matt Hildebrandt and Colin Tyrus tell you what’s coming up on the music and creative and visual arts calendar. Applications are now open for the Kingston Arts Magnify: Artists in Residency Program hosted across two locations, Moorabbin and Parkdale. Also on the podcast, you’ll hear Tash York (pictured) talking about her Happy Hour coming up on 24 May. There’s comedy with The Listies at Shirley Burke Theatre on 1 June, the Fabulous Forties series of events from 14 to 18 June. Or perhaps you’d like to try one of the Laneway Learning workshops. Further ahead, don’t miss Eskimo Joe on 6 July. Visit

Broadcast Tuesday 7 May 2024 (2 PM to 3 PM)

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