Dan Rocks and Rolls on Live Sunday Sessions

Ballarat singer/songwriter Dan Rolls

Ballarat based musician Dan Rolls is an oxymoron in that he typifies the uniqueness of Australian artists. Each song created is complete with impressive re-inventive guitar-work, including a mix of intense strumming, intricate picking and alternate tunings.
Yet through all this guitaring his voice shines through with a voice that draws imagination out of the listener.
This is music that is tender and soulful whilst maintaining the high energy that live performances so often rely on.
A solo live Dan Rolls show consists of Dan on vocals a 12string guitar and trumpet and this is exactly what you will get this Sunday between 4 & 5pm on the Live Sunday Sessions.
Dan is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album, due out in the next couple of weeks…..hmmmm….very exciting.
On this Sundays performance you will also hear a couple of beautifully layered and dare we say it,  unique studio tracks.
Dan plays live shows all over this land and this intimate super set pretty much kicks off his national tour.


Check out Dan Rolls here:-




Better still check him out on air on Sunday on 88.3


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