When Colin Tyrus, the host of Southern FM’s “A Newsman and his Music” was a kid he loved listening to radio serials such as Biggles, Hop Harrigan, D-24, and even “Chicken Man”.

One of his favourites was Dad and Dave from Snake Gully and that’s why he dusted off the old recordings (and paid a royalty fee of 10 bucks) to play the first episode on his debut Monday morning show on Southern FM on 13 August 2018.

If you click on the player below, you can listen to that very first episode of Dad and Dave, originally broadcast in 1937 and you won’t even have to pay the $10 royalty fee.  It’s part of the collection of the National Film & Sound Archive Australia (NFSA).

Unfortunately you won’t be able to hear any more episodes on 88.3 Southern FM because another community radio station has claimed exclusive broadcast rights to Dad and Dave in Melbourne.

A disappointed Colin said: “It’s such a pity I can’t take you back to the golden days of radio, but at least Dad and Dave can be heard somewhere on the FM band.

You can enjoy free episodes of Dad and Dave from Snake Gully online at:

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