Photographer Paul Dunn chats with The Newsman

On A Newsman and His Music this week, Colin Tyrus spoke to photographer Paul Dunn about a landmark exhibition at Kingston Arts Centre. Photo, courtesy Paul Dunn. Home: Opening Doors – Renting For All is a photographic exhibition exploring the importance of accessibility and freedom of choice when seeking accommodation for people living with a disability. The exhibition is open

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Sons of Beaches: Bill McDonough’s memoir

Former Australian Crawl drummer Bill McDonough is Colin’s guest on this podcast from A Newsman and His Music (Monday 20 November 2023). Bill is chatting about his book Sons of Beaches. It’s a book about family, fame and tragedy, the story of Australian Crawl’s Bill and Guy McDonough. Founded in 1978, Australian Crawl has sold over two-million records and been

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