Playlist for the Midnight Mass program Wednesday February 18th

Tonight’s Playlist for the Midnight Mass with host dj Daniel H. –


JESU – Star

SOUNDGARDEN – Worse Dreams

THE STOOGES – Funhouse

CYNIC – The Space For This

FAITH NO MORE – A Small Victory

RADIOHEAD – Dollars & Cents

JOHN CALE – Cordoba

OHGR – Animist

SQUAREPUSHER – Do You Know Squarepusher?

THRONES – David’s Lib

MATMOS – It Seems

COLIN POTTER – Never Underestimate The Power Of Nothing

COIL – Wraiths And Strays

ALVARIUS B – You Only Live Twice

ZAPPA / BEEFHEART – I’m A Band Leader

SUN CITY GIRLS – Bacchandalia


DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS – From Sinking To Drowning

PSYCHIC TV – Black Rainbow





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