Playlist for the Midnight Mass program Wednesday September 11th

Solar Flared – A Paralleled Equinox. At random intervals (8)….senses having forced. What the? Must be time for the Midnight Mass once again. And so it is.  Join host Daniel H. this evening (12am – 2am) for an unparalleled journey through unknown wastelands of sound. While you are snug and cosy under the duvet.

Playlist for this evening:



FAITH NO MORE – Caffeine

PRURIENT – Time’s Arrow

EYEHATEGOD – Serving Time In The Middle Of Nowhere

BOREDOMS – Okinawa Rasta Beef

MELVINS / LUSTMORD – ZzzBest / Safety Third

THE RESIDENTS – Another Land

THE HOLY VEHM – Hypostasis Of the Archons

JESU – Dethroned

KHANATE – No Joy (remix)

SWANS – Her Mouth Is Filled With Honey

DEATH IN JUNE – The Calling

THROBBING GRISTLE – Five Knuckle Shuffle

CARCASS – Empathological Necrotism

DARKTHRONE – A Blaze In The Northern Sky


SCANNER – To Meet The Moon




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