As part of the Classic series of The Purple Haze Archive we present former guest of Purple Haze, Davy Jones of the Monkees, one of the great teen idols of the late 20th Century. Along with Mickey Dolenz, Davy Jones, was basically co-lead singer of the Monkees, the phenomenally successful pop group & TV stars of the 1960s, some of his signature tunes being: Daydream Believer, & A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You. Tragically Davy Jones died of a massive heart attack on February 29, 2012, aged 66 years.


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  • Thankyou for paying tribute tonight to a soul who played such an integral part of my childhood. He gave so much even right to the end. There is such a void in my heart right now but as hard as it was to hear some of the songs others lifted my spirits which have been low for nearly a week.

    RIP Mr. Peter Halsten Thorkelsen aka Peter Tork. God only takes the best.

  • Thank you so much for all your wonderful Monkees musical tributes. All four were loved and still are, each contributing something unique which made the band even greater than the sum of their parts.
    David Jones (“Davy”) doesn’t need defending…he was much more than the “not cool” or the “not funny” one. He was by far the most popular of the four, certainly the biggest heartthrob and according to his band mates and Monkees show producer Bert Shneider, a very accomplished actor, comic, singer and all round performer. He was “the heart and soul of the group” according to Micky, he “was the Monkees” according to Mike and Peter said he was so accomplished when they first started, he was intimidated by him and out of the four, he loved him the most. He also sang lead on many favourite and some very “cool” songs, including “Daydream Believer”, “Star Collector” “Valleri”, “She Hangs Out” “Cuddly Toy”..and others.
    Davy may be less popular with rock music guys and most of his fans were and are probably women (maybe the case for all of them?) but that doesn’t diminish him. He sang rock, rock’n’roll, pop, balads, musical and show tunes and was a beloved member of the Monkees show where he was a good actor, dancer, cute, so funny! etc.
    So enjoyed listening to all these back to back songs!
    RIP David Jones.

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