Join very special guest Lin Browne as she discusses her late husband, Duncan Browne’s musical career, along with friends & colleagues of Duncan Browne: Record Company Owner & Retailer, the late Michael Piper, musician Nick Magnus, famed English TV & Theatre Director, the late Sebastian Graham Jones, singer (The Zombies) Colin Blunstone, ex-Metro member Peter Godwin, & lyricist David Bretton. Duncan Browne is best known for his 1972 hit single “Journey” plus the cult classic “Give Me Take You” album originally released by Immediate records in 1968. (This podcast has two parts)

This podcast is dedicated to Michael Piper & Sebastian Graham Jones.

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  • Absolutely fantastic to hear all the people this very underrated singer-songwriter had in his Life. Pity we haven’t heard from his son who evidently is also a musician? Have all his recordings having got Songs of Love and War direct from Nic Potter who sent it to me. Offcourse the Anthology( double cd) is also great as it includes songs not on the albums, so I have that too. Recently aquired Salva Me ( BBC TV series music cd)via information from Nick Magnus. I can only imagine what Duncan could have aspired to and still produced were he still alive today.The Camino project fascinates me he did with Colin Blunstone and the 50 songs he did with Peter Godwin, also the early unreleased Immediate recordings lying around somewhere( listen to Cherry-faced Fool on the Anthology).
    Duncan will never sound dated and live on through his music.
    An avid fan.
    George Fazakas

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