He solved the riddle of leprosy

Filipino boy with leprosy by moyerphotos on flickr 200x200 75pcThe feature on Songs of Hope this Sunday 11 October will be the story of Paul Brand, the Christian doctor who solved the riddle of leprosy. The story will be at 8:40am. The photo at right is of a Filipino boy with leprosy today.

Songs of Hope will have all its regular features plus great Christian praise and worship music. The talk at 7:30 will be by Mark Durie and his talk title “The Sower”, a parable of Jesus.

7-8am Bruce host
7:10am Our Daily Bread (1m)
7:30am Talk Rev Mark Durie (17m)
8-9am Rod host
8:10am Prayer – King Alfred 900AD
8:25am Bible promises
8:40am Story – Paul Brand (leprosy) (6m)

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