Miracle of Dunkirk podcast

Hear about the extraordinary events surrounding the Dunkirk evacuation after a national day of prayer in Britain. Broadcast on Songs of Hope on Sunday 13Aug17.

Also listen to our tribute to Chris Fleming, who died last Monday 7Aug17. He composed jingles, voice-overs and music for “Songs of Hope” and we played some of his songs on our program. In this tribute we begin with one of the jingles he composed for Songs of Hope, and we play his song “Say Merry Christmas”.

Glen Campbell, the country singer, died last Tuesday 8Aug17. As a tribute we put together a segment of three of his Christian songs

  • Jesus and me
  • Sure as the sun
  • Call it even

“Words for Life” was by Rev Brett Peatman. His talk title was “God interrupts”. Talk time was 25 minutes.

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